Nigerian Forces Clash With Islamists, 20 People Killed-Reuters

soldiers  600(Reuters) – At least 20 people were killed when Islamist Boko attacked a town in northeast Nigeria, triggering clashes with troops stationed there, the military said on Sunday.
A spokesman for Nigerian forces in northeastern , which lies at the heart of a four-year-old Islamist insurgency, said the Islamists crept into the town of Damboa in the early hours of Saturday.
They killed five worshippers at a mosque as they said their morning prayers, he said.
“While they were unleashing their mayhem, troops … engaged the terrorists, killing 15 in the while others fled,” the military spokesman, Captain Danja, said in a statement obtained by Reuters.
The military often gives significantly higher casualty figures for insurgents for its own men, and it is usually not possible to verify them independently.
(Reporting by Ibrahim Mshelizza; writing by Tim Cocks; editing by Tom Pfeiffer)

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