Nigeria:Group Calls For Proactive Action Against Flood,Rainstorm

Following the prediction of the Nigerian Metereolgical (NIMET) of increased flooding in many states this year,the Bureau for Public Opinion Monitoring(BPO), a civil group has on Federal and state governments take proactive measures mitigate the  impact of  the impending flooding  and Rain on Nigerians.

Against the background of huge losses of persons and properties last year, the group said there was the need for an assessment  of the state of the environment,flood and erosion control measures all over the country on or before the first quarter of this year.In a statement signed by its  Executive Director, Mr Olusegun Ilori ,the group bemoaned the lack of planning and preparedness by Nigerians and governments at all levels and the usual resort ” fire brigade” approach in solving problems that ordinarily could be averted.

“We ought have learnt our  lessons from bitter experiences  of the last two years where thousands of people were displaced in several parts of the country and billions of naira worth of properties were lost but regrettably we have almost forgotten and only the victims are licking their wounds” the group stated.

According to them”a ready evidence of our forgetfulness  is the return of persons to the flood plains of the Niger and Benue  as if nothing had happened and government agents  are looking the other way when they could have prevented them or relocate them to new areas.The men and women at Lokoja bridge  flooded areas are back there in their ramshackle

The group on the National Emergency Relief  NEMA and the Ecological fund to direct attention at  restricting human activities around the vulnerable  flood plains and rainstorm prone areas as  part of their  proactive efforts at reducing casualities in event of such environmental  or climate change induced disasters.

The group on the Presidential committee set up on the flood problem headed byAlhaji Dangote to account for the money already raised and embark on projects that would assist in redressing the problem of flooding and erosion control,adding that States and Local Governments as well as multilateral agencies  ought to put their acts together before the commencement of the raining season.

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