Nigeria requires a visionary leader to consolidate on Buhari’s achievements-APC Chieftain

 Mr Ihechukwu Chima, a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) says Nigeria requires a  visionary leader to consolidate on President Muhammed Buhari’s achievements in 2023.Chima disclosed this when he spoke with newsmen in Abuja on Friday.“

Nigeria’s problem is not the lack of money, or lack of knowledgeable human resources to drive development or lack of natural resources, our problem is making the right policies, at the right time and placing them on the right perspective.“The 2023 is not a time for Nigeria as an entity and Nigerians as a people to gamble, it’s time, Nigeria must arise,” he said.Chima, a 2023 presidential hopeful, said that all hands must be on deck to create a Nigeria that we all would be proud of.“No amount of comfort that we get individually as Nigerians abroad can be compared to the natural satisfaction we will derive when Nigeria becomes great and project our dreams and generations yet unborn.

Chima added that the time to build Nigeria was now, stressing that Nigeria must arise again.” The 2023 vision is a vision we all must support to bring to power a government with passion and strategies to put the country ahead, beyond economic and security limitations.“As a young Nigerian, who belongs to the generation of the 1980s, I offer to lead Nigeria with vision, to build Nigeria with love, passion and patriotism.“The motto, Nigeria must arise 2023, is well researched, it has passed through the burning crucible of economic and political experimentation since 2003 to understand the fundamental challenges that has faced this nation.“Nigeria must arise has brilliant strategies incorporated to exit Nigeria from decades of economic malfunction,” he said.

He said that many Nigerian youths have turned perpetual asylum seekers in foreign countries due to the economic downturn in the country.“Some of our youths are deluded to believe that seeking asylum is the only guarantee to a secured future,” he said.He decried the level of unemployment in the country, describing it  as alarming. (NAN)