Nigeria Reiterates Commitment to Global Peace

Information Minister Mr. Labaran Maku says Nigeria remains committed to contributing to global peace despite the in some parts of the country. He the remarks he received a delegation from the Global Peace Foundation a courtesy visit.
Mr. Maku said Nigeria has been bearing the burden of maintaining peace especially in West Africa, which significantly stabilised peace and security as well as democratic governance in the -region.
“We must also use the conference to emphasise the fact that far more than any developing country and even more than advanced countries, Nigeria has contributed more to global peace keeping in maintaining the peace around the world. Even now as we face our own challenges, our troops are all over the world maintaining peace and stability in countries of the world,” he said.
Mr. Maku remarked that because of its disposition to peace, Nigeria has always resolved disputes with its neighbours amicably in keeping with international treaties and conventions to achieve peace and security.
“We have always resolved our problems peacefully with our neighbours, even we have territorial disagreement with Cameroun. Nigeria is the only major country in spite of its size, decided to subject itself to the ruling of the International Court of Justice border dispute with Cameroun. There are several other countries that don’t even recognise the rulings of the United Nations International Court of Justice it comes to extra-territorial claims,” he stated.

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