Nigeria, Kenya to champion Economic, Political cooperation in Africa….As Mark, Musyoka parley in Nairobi


Nigeria and Kenya are to lead the way in the promotion of economic and political to  deepen democracy and enhance  peace  and unity in Africa.The two nations would also float a reconciliatory movement to halt the conflicts and wars in some troubled countries of the continent.

These were part of the outcome of a parley between the President of the Nigerian Senate, David and the Vice President of Kenya Dr. Stephen Musyoka  held in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday evening (03/04/12).

They agreed  that the proposal would engender peaceful -existence and sustain democracy in Africa.While Nigeria would lead the peace crusade from the West African flank, Kenya would pilot affairs from the East African bloc.

who left the on going  126th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)   Conference after addressing the Assembly holding in Kampala, Uganda for Nairobi, Kenya for the meeting noted that there is alternative to democracy in Africa if the continent must to the next level.

acknowledged the challenges to peace and democracy in the continent on accounts of conflicts in some countries , saying that the situation demands dialogue and consensus building.

According to Mark, ” There is alternative to democracy as a form of government because man is enough to lead another if does not have or enjoy the consent of the led. Democracy  brings to bear participatory form of government which the people demands.”

Mark further canvassed for exchange programmes between and among parliaments in Africa in order to pave way for the enactment of common legislations needed to facilitate and unity.

In remarks, host Kenyan  vice president Musyoka canvassed for economic prosperity in the continent pointing out that, ” we, as a people must work towards guaranteeing food security and job opportunities in Africa”.

Africa said is richly endowed human and material resources needed to be tapped for the benefit of the people.

Musyoka also called for mutual to improve trade and security between and among African nations.

Senator Mark was accompanied by Senator Domingo Obende and Clerk to the Nigerian national assembly (CNA), Alhaji Salisu Maikusuwa.


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