Nigeria-Ghana relations still intact– Consul-General

The Consul-General of Ghana in Nigeria, Mr Maxwell Awiaga, says the relations between Nigeria and Ghana is still intact despite the efforts of some miscreants to cause rifts between the two Nations.

Awiaga made this known on Saturday in an interview in Lagos.

According to him, there will always be a smooth and strong relationship between the two countries as it has always been in the past.

“Ghana and Nigeria relationship is excellent since creation of the world, as Ghanaians migrated from Ile-Ife and went along the coast to Ghana.

“We were as well colonised by the same colonial masters and run almost the same educational and governing system, and that was what bonded us together.

“There are a lot of Ghanaians doing well in Nigeria, same as Nigerians’ businesses thriving well in Ghana.

“We cherish our relationship with Nigerians and we will continue to cherish it as the same blood runs in our veins.

“When we talk of the heroes of Ghana’s independence, we cannot do without mentioning some Nigerians that assisted us in that struggle,” he said.

He, therefore, urged citizens of both countries to continue to live with each other in peace and harmony.

The two nations are the largest economies in West Africa and their relationship is a very crucial one.

However, a recent dispute between the two countries concerning the status of Nigerian traders in Ghana is a reminder of past bilateral tensions that have occasionally worsened political and economic relations.

The government of the two countries have since moved to resolve the disputes. (NAN)