Nigeria is badly broken, only restructuring can save her, says John Gbor, APGA presidential candidate

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The Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, (), retired Major General John Wilson Terwase Gbor today in Abuja pledged that, his administration would protect every Nigerian no matter where the person lived.

In his acceptance speech after he was endorsed by his party, General Gbor unveiled a five-point agenda which, he said, would promote national security, peace and prosperity of all Nigerians no matter where they lived in the world.

The five point agenda which he described as his “irrevocable covenant with Nigerians” are: true federalism based on fiscal restructuring, security, economic reconstruction driven by private enterprise, social agenda and a presidential initiative that places empowerment of women and the youth as the key driver of national renaissance.


General Gbor told the delegates to the special convention where he was unveiled with his running mate, Chief Jerry Chukwueke, that was badly broken yearning to be repaired. But he said that it is only a pragmatic and progressive leader, not just a president that could rescue the country from the deplorable situation. “We need a President who believes that all lives matter and works proactively to protect lives and properties of all Nigerians”, he said, to the applause of the audience.


Offering himself as the new face of hope in the midst of despair, Gbor said that under his leadership, the Federal Government would take steps to revitalize the non-oil sector, reduce the national debt, promote agriculture and above all, work “for the prosperity of all Nigerians where NO ONE AND NO PLACE IS LEFT BEHIND”.


Expatiating on his economic recovery plan, Gbor said: “In line with APGA’s commitment to restructuring, my administration will vigorously pursue the entrenchment of true federalism which promotes productivity and competitiveness among the federating units.


“Thus, instead of the present misguided emphasis on cake sharing which accounts for high level of corruption, the APGA-led Federal Government, under my leadership, will promote the emergence of viable, competitive and sustainable economic entities that will unleash the creative potentials of Nigerians. The end result of such competitive entities will be wealth creation, job opportunities, social harmony and national security.”


Dismissing the fear of those who argue that restructuring could lead to disintegration, Gbor said: “The truth is that fiscal federalism and national unity are not mutually exclusive. What a restructured will achieve is that, we shall move away from the cake sharing formula which breeds laziness and rent seekers to cake baking which unleashes the creative energies of Nigerians especially the youth”.


National Chairman of APGA, Chief Victor Oye who unveiled the presidential candidate and his running mate assured Nigerians that the party was poised to produce governors in at least eight states of the federation. He hinged his hope on the party’s belief that the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) were in disarray in those states. Besides, he stated that APGA was robbed of victory in Nasarawa and Abia States in 2015 and that the party would reclaim the mandates in 2019.

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