Nigeria @ 61: Group calls for prayers, advocates fair leadership


The Initiative for Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN) an NGO, has called for prayers for the country while advocating for fairness from the leadership as the nation celebrates its 61st independence anniversary.

The group made the call during its annual prayer walk organised to commemorate the nation’s anniversary on Friday in Jos.

The News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) reports that IBBN is a pet project of Prophet Isa El-Buba, the General Overseer of the Evangelical Outreach Ministries International, with headquarters in Jos.

Pastor Haruna Maidoki, Assistant General Convener IBBN, while speaking on the sidelines of the event, said the prayer walk was necessary as the solution to Nigeria’s problems lies in prayers and leaders who will be fair to all.

“The event is very important because the solution for our country lies in prayer, the solution to Nigeria’s problem is not found in any man.

“Those in the helm of affairs can tell you that things are out of their control and that is the reason our Convener Prophet Isa El-Buba directed that everywhere around the nation.

“Prayers be held for the country, because the secret of the sustenance of any nation is prayer” he said.

Also in his message to the leaders of the country, Maidoki noted that power is given by God, hence they should therefore be fair to all Nigerians and not allow room for marginalisation of any group or persons.

“Our leaders should understand that they are not there sectionally, they are there for the entire Nigerians.

“We want our leaders who have been given the opportunity know that power is given by God and they should therefore be fair to all.

“Let every Nigerian find a sense of belonging, let no one feel marginalised” he said.

Similarly, Mrs Victoria Lot, IBBN Women leader, said that Nigeria’s journey so far had been a learning process that should call for gratitude to God.

“Nigerians should still thank God that at 61, we are not at war, we appreciate God, it’s a learning process.

“We have learnt and I know at 61 we are not hopeless we can still make it” she said.

For his part, Dr Daniel kokong, Plateau Coordinator of IBBN, assured the leadership and citizens of the country that as long as God is in control of the country; it would move forward.

He added that the nation had great men and women capable of taking it to the destination God ordained for it.(NAN)