Nigeria @ 60:Time to rekindle true nationalism, says ex-Rep



A Legal Practitioner, and former Minority Whip, House of Representatives (2007-2015), Hon. Samson R. Osagie, has said Nigeria’s 60th anniversary is a time to rekindle true nationalism.

Osagie made this call in a statement  to mark the country’s 60th independence from British colonists.

The former minority whip said, “The trajectory of the Nigerian nation from the time of independence in 1960 has been one of mixed  progress and challenges. Of course, the challenges has been most debilitating.

“At 60, Nigeria has attained a significant milestone in age to be able to begin to surmount its numerous challenges. Although the country has managed to remain as one indivisible entity, it’s people has remained largely divided, even much more, than they were at independence.

According to him, “There is therefore an urgent need for fresh Nationalism and absolute Patriotism to the Nigerian nation by all its people and leadership.
This call necessarily requires us to think as Nigerians rather than as ibos, hausas, Yorubas or Benins, etc.

“Our collective destiny is inexorably tied to our nationhood and unless and until we eschew bigotry, nepotism, ethno-religiious chauvinism, our nationalistic spirit will remain docile.

“However, our ability to sustain democracy for about half of our nationhood has brought in its wake some measure of freedom and progress but not without its trappings of imperfect electoral system.

“We must therefore going forward, embrace our national development with the singleness of mind and unity of purpose as one nation with  one destiny.

“Happy 60th Independence – Nigeria.”