Niger Delta will stand behind Tinubu against oil theft – Asari Dokubo


By Ismail Abdulaziz

President Bola Tinubu has received support from the people of Niger Delta region in his fight against oil theft in order to improve the nation’s economy.

Mr Asari Dokubo, a Niger Delta activist, gave the support assurance when he visited the president on Friday in Abuja.

Dokubo said that the resources in the region was being hijacked by a few Nigerians and their cohorts against the greatest interest of the citizens.

He said Niger Delta activists would ensure that the wealth of the people was used judiciously for the common good of the region and its people.

“We know that oil theft is an organised racket by some powerful people, including military personnel who give directives from Abuja. We have been saying this a long time ago and many Nigerians do not understand the politics in oil theft.

“I told the president that we know the people involved in this theft. Here was a crime being conducted within metres away from security posts of personnel sent to guard these oil installations.

“These security agents were able to intimidate other legally-recognised agencies mandated to guard these installations. We need to speak out against these elements and stop the bleeding of the economy,” he said.

Dokubo said that he had extensive discussion with the president, and assured that very soon the bad eggs in the system would be flushed out to give way for sanity in the Niger Delta region.

He said that the nation should not be held hostage again by a few individuals and groups who have no interest in the development of the Niger Delta and Nigeria generally.

“I will work with all stakeholders to see that oil theft is brought to zero level and also fight other crimes against the wellbeing of the economy of the country in the region,” Dokubo vowed. (NAN)