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Niger Coup: Group urges ECOWAS to extend time for dialogue

By Aisha Gambo

Advocacy for Peace and Socio-economic Empowerment of Women and Youth (APSEWY), has called on ECOWAS to extend time for dialogue with Niger Republic.

The group which made the call at a news conference on Sunday in Kaduna, also called on President Bola Tinubu as

leader of ECOWAS, to continue using diplomatic negotiations, not war.

Chairman of the group, Fareeda  Umar-Bakori, stated that Nigeria and Niger Republic had enjoyed good relationship over the years, supporting each other on critical issues of national security.

“Both Nigeria and Niger based diplomatic relations upon non- interference in the internal affairs of the other.

“Any military intervention against Niger will unavoidably and directly affect Northern Nigeria by worsening and further destabilising the region which has been plagued by insecurity.

” It may also lead to humanitarian crises, as Nigeriens will migrate to northern states if the war intensifies,” she said.

According to her, war against Niger Republic will have many interested parties seeking to advance their dominance on Africa, not its development.

She also urged the military ruler of Niger Republic to be opened to dialogue and avoid war that would bring more problems to its citizens and west Africa at large.

“We believe peace is always better than war,” she said.

The Military junta in Niger detained President Mohamed Bazoum on July 26 and toppled the democratically elected government in the country.

This made the West African nations under ECOWAS, to finalise a plan to intervene militarily in Niger to reverse the coup after trying other peaceful means.(NAN)

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