NHRC joins Nigerians, rejects Social Media Bill

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The National Human Rights Commission () has identified with the stand of Nigerians, to stand against the Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulations Bill.

The Executive Secretary, Tony Ojukwu, cautioned the Senate against the anti-popular bill, while urging social media users to be committed to their responsibility by not breaching the rights of others.

“We stand with Nigerians and we believe that the media space should be free, people should be able to air their views, in doing so, and we urge those who exercise their rights to be mindful of the rights of others.”

“In exercising our freedom to express ourselves, we believe that those freedoms should be expressed and utilized responsibly and we will not encourage irresponsible conduct on the part of Nigerians but we don’t support the gaging of Nigerians in any way possible.

“We urge social media users to show commitments to responsibility and if they exceed their bounds, the laws are there for anybody who feels aggrieved can use.”

With reports by ChannelsTV

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