NGOs in War of Words Over Absence of Kaduna Governor, Deputy

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Alhaji-Ramalan-Yero 600(Breaking News,Nigerian News,Politics)There appears to be uneasy calm in Kaduna as Non Governmental Organizations,NGOs battle over the absence of both Governor Muktar Ramallan Yero and his Deputy Amb. Nuhu Bajoga .
The deputy governor had earlier travelled along with the delegation of the president Goodluck Jonathan to observe this year’s pilgrimage while the Governor Muktar Ramallan Yero travelled last week to Germany to participate in this year Nok artifacts.
The two NGOs addressing the curious development where the governor and his deputy are out of the country same time include Kaduna Salvation Movement (KASMO) led by Barr. Musa Soba and Kaduna Progressive Movement, with Mordecai S. Ibrahim as the leader .
KASMO is saying that the absence of both Governor and its Deputy from the state is a sign of ignorance of the ethics of governance saying that ‘Kaduna On Auto Pilot’
“It is unfortunate that while the Deputy Governor Amb. Nuhu Bajoga is away in Isreal, Governor Yero also decided to embark on a jamboree tour to Germany leaving Kaduna state without any form of leadership against the letters and spirit of the constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria”.
“This singular action has exposed the ineptitude and incompetence of governor Yero who has never demonstrated even elementary knowledge of what governance is all about” he added.

But the Kaduna Progressive Movement believes that it is unfair to the Governor to say he abandoned the state on a jamboree trip to Germany, and tittled its own reaction to KASMO’s Statement thus: ‘Re Kaduna On Auto Pilot- Governor Yero Did not Abscond’.
According to the statement, “We all know that in the absence of the governor and his deputy, the of the state House of Assembly is empowered by law to oversee the affairs of the state”
It is obviously not true that the governor and his deputy abandoned the state, the return of the Nok artifacts is of utmost importance to the state and particular the people of Southern Kaduna, KASMO may not know that the past governments have been pursuing this for long”.
The movement however urged KASMO to be reasonable and rational in its observations and criticism on any government policy and action which it feels strongly about in the state.

Speaking from the security side, KASMO went further to say that “never in the history of Kaduna state has governance been treated with so much contempt, impunity and unseriousness than under Governor Yero who has a penchant for executive truancy and absenteeism
to cover his complex and incompetence”
“No serious Governor that understands the functions of a government would leave his state at a time when the Deputy Governor is not on seat and out of the country to take charge”
“We strongly condemn this negative trend and still call on the Kaduna state House of Assembly to probe the absence of both the Governor and his Deputy with a view to finding out the circumstances surrounding their absence from the state at the same time when there is no cogent
reason to justify their conspired absence and to invoke the provisions of the constitution by applying the appropriate sanctions including impeachment”
“Kaduna state has had enough share of executive impunity and therefore, Governor Yero must be made to account for his unofficial absence from the state at a time the Deputy Governor is not on seat in the face of multiple problems bedeviling Kaduna state”
But the Kaduna Progressive Movement insisted that the Governor is personally attending the event in Germany which would give him the opportunity to push this further, hence this urgent and important trip to Germany, “this is not a mission you send just somebody especially
now when we don’t have commissioners in the state”
“Nok artifacts belong to the good people Kaduna State and retrieving them will boost the State revenue potentials. No reason can be more cogent for the governor to have been away than this especially when he promised to continue from where his predecessor stopped”
“The Governor is sufficiently educated to know that he cannot and should not travel outside the country without properly informing the Honourable Speaker of Kaduna state House of Assembly when his Deputy is not in the country” the NGO stated.It is an interesting story in Kaduna to find Mordecai , a Christian from Southern Kaduna defending Governor Yero who is a Muslim from the Northern part of the State.

In his own reaction, the former Deputy Speaker, Dr. Dogara Mato of the Kaduna state House of Assembly said that he is not aware of the Governor’s trip to Germany. In his words “I am not aware of the Governor’s trip to Germany.The House has been sitting and has also been carrying out its functions”.
All efforts to speak with the speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly on whether Governor Yero handed over the affairs of the state for him to take charge proved abortive.

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