‘NGO Regulatory Bill: A Toxic Tonic’ – Group

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The Bill seeking to regulate the activities of ’s in being sponsored by Hon Buba Jibril, has been described as a toxic tonic aimed at stifling and killing the activities of volunteering in the country.

Moses Adedeji, Executive Director, Trees On Earth Development Foundation, based in Kogi State, at a press conference in Lokoja, frowned at the activities of the sponsor of the bill, describing him as playing to the gallery.

While noting that the three term lawmaker, has not made transparency, accountability a watchword to his constituency and in the provision of democracy dividends, wondered why he now seeks accountability and to regulate activities of ’s, as unfortunate.

While noting that the activities of lawmakers like that of Hon Jibril, who do not mean well for those they represent  amount  to  a subversion of national security in itself, urged the lawmakers to withdraw the anti people bill as it is not popular, and does not bode  well for the people.

The Executive Director, of TEDF said NGO’s are platforms that have over the years addressed leadership failures by their intervention’s in contributing to National security and development.

While noting that there are already enough laws to regulate activities of NGOs, Moses observed that there are already enough stringent regulations to regulate the activities of NGO. He  said  further  that the bill by Jibril, beats ones imagination on how anybody will want to undermine such a laudable role of job creation, volunteering embarked upon by NGO’s thus far .

The adventure by the lawmaker, as initiated by Hon Jibril, Moses explained will not only stifle vision, creativity, sense of patriotism, voluntarism, but will also slow down the ease of doing business in the nation as well as silence critical and vociferous voices in the country.

The bill in all ramifications according to Moses is tyrannical and despotic.He added that it  is another attempt to stifle the fundamental human rights of Nigerians, and an  affront  on international laws and protocols.

Moses Adedeji, commended Nigerians particularly Professor Chidi Odinkalu, Senator Shehu Sani, Dr(Mrs) Joe Okei- Odumakin and who stood against the adventurism the satanic NGO bill seeks to represent, while he urged the lawmakers to deploy their efforts to improve the wellbeing of citizens.

Moses particularly, commended, the roles played and impact achieved by NGOs like the CLEEN Foundation in promoting accountability and reform of security and police sector is second to none and should be taken into consideration while the impact in uplifting the lives of women by Women Arise remains second to noon.

To this end he said the Bill must not see the light of the day, adding that it is an unnecessary duplication, a distraction. very dangerous, a toxic tonic that is  self serving and needless.

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