NGO Adopts French, Russian and Spanish websites to Speak with conflict-affected communities

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(Press Release)Conciliation Resources has launched professionally translated websites in French, Russian and Spanish, in an effort to inform more people about conflicts affecting hundreds of thousands of individuals.

The new websites include information relevant to the conflicts some French, Russian and Spanish speakers may be affected by, as well as some of the latest news relating to peacebuilding in affected regions. The websites are targeted towards civic activists, local community groups and international policymakers, who can benefit from Conciliation Resources’ expertise in peacebuilding and practical resources to aid peacemaking. With communication tools becoming increasingly prominent in peacebuilding work, being able to communicate with audiences in different languages is central to Conciliation Resources’ ongoing and future work.

Andrew Carl, Executive Director of Conciliation Resources said: “A core principle of our work is for people affected by conflicts to be able to learn about the experiences from others who have faced similar challenges. Creating opportunities for comparative learning is something Conciliation Resources cares about as an organisation, so these newly translated websites will undoubtedly help to open up our materials, learning and experiences to many individuals and organisations across the world.”

The French website – – includes information about two conflicts Conciliation Resources works on: The Lord’s Resistance Army conflict affecting countries in East and Central Africa and conflict in the Mano River Union region of West Africa.

Nicolas Tillon, Conciliation Resources’ East and Central Africa Programme Projects Manager said: “This is the first dedicated peacebuilding resource available in French and it marks an important step for Conciliation Resources, as well as the wider peacebuilding field. France is an important player to promote stability and peacebuilding and we hope this website will help to engage French and Francophone activists and policy makers on peacebuilding issues, to bring peace and help protect civilian populations who are currently affected by violent conflict. In Central Africa alone there are currently almost half a million people displaced by the conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army.”

The Russian website – – includes information about conflicts Conciliation Resources has been working on for almost two decades in the South Caucasus.

Dr Rachel Clogg, Conciliation Resources’ Caucasus Programme Director, said: “Now that Conciliation Resources has a Russian-language website, a much wider audience of conflict-affected communities and policymakers in and around the Caucasus will have access to analysis, policy-relevant material and practical resources for peacebuilding generated by us together with our partners. Resources that improve mutual understanding, challenge stereotypes, and offer alternative perspectives can help people directly affected by the Georgian-Abkhaz and Nagorny Karabakh conflicts seek peaceful ways forward.”

The Spanish website – – includes information about the conflict in Colombia, where armed groups have been challenging the Colombian Government for almost 50 years.

Kristian Herbolzheimer, Director of Conciliation Resources’ Colombia Programme, said: “Conciliation Resources’ new Spanish website has come at important time, as peace talks between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have commenced after a decade of zero discussion. With resources and reflections on developments in international peacemaking, the learning that is available on this new website should play a role in paving the way for new paths to peace for Colombians.”


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