NGF Crisis: Why We’re Solidly Behind Amaechi- Gov Kwankwaso

kwankwaso newKano State Governor, Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has reiterated the decision of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) leadership not to succumb to pressure from President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to dump the acclaimed winner of the controversial NGF chairmanship election, Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

Kwankwaso, who made this disclosure while speaking with newsmen at the Kano Governor’s Lodge in Abuja, claimed that the ‘G-19’ (in reference to the 19 governors that allegedly voted for Amaechi), obtained a commitment from Amaechi that he would not give up under any circumstance.

“This party belongs to all of us, it does not belong to the governors; it doesn’t belong to president or to the party chairman; it doesn’t belong to anybody.

“We have invested so much in this party, I don’t think any governor is thinking of leaving this party but if you are suspended, dismissed or expelled, of course there are no options.

“That is why we are saying, and I can assure you, all the governors who voted for Amaechi consider this suspension as suspension to all of us; not to Amaechi, not to governor of Sokoto. We are even surprised it started from there. I think there are bigger fish than Amaechi and governor of Sokoto. Many of us are disappointed that it started from there,” he said.

He further added that “now, I can tell you, Amaechi cannot withdraw without our approval. Anybody who is saying Amaechi should withdraw is wasting his time, because that is not in the agreement between us and Amaechi. We gave only two tasks to Amaechi and he did well.”

Kwankwaso warned the leadership of the PDP against unnecessary recourse to suspension or dismissal of governors in its fold, stressing it could leave them no choice but to dump the party and see to its collapse.


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