New State for South – East:Kalu Faults Kwankwaso

Former Abia state governor Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu on   Sunday frowned upon  attempts at toying with the hopes and aspirations of fellow Nigerians in the guise of politics, even as advised State Governor  Rabiu  to give the south- east a breather.

Apparently reacting to ’s submission  south-east was undeserving of a new state,Kalu expressed concern that a compatriot be so mean in assertions.

Kalu said,”Injustice to one is injustice to all.The south-east zone has the least number of states.’s -west got seven.I do not begrudge them. says is more populated than the former Eastern region,that is questionable.I hope knows that in the US,Wyoming with a  population of less than a million is as important as Carlifonia with about million.”

The ex-governor posited that nothing be spared in giving the south-east a deal even if it meant going into the federation called Nigeria through the back door.

“We shall keep up the struggle.When President Umaru Yar’adua died,we accepted the ‘Doctrine of necessity’. Following Moshood Abiola’s death,Nigeria bent backwards for an all-Yoruba Presidential duel. General Gowon was a Lieutenant Colonel when he became Head-of-State in 1966 ahead of seniors  who agreed to work with him,men like Brig.Babafemi Ogundipe,Commodore Edet Wey and Col.Adeyinka Adebayo.If the Senate must go under the table to balance the equation,heaven will not fall,”he added.

Kalu advised the governor to liaise with one of predecessors Arc.Kabir Gaya if he had a grouse with the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendment.

“Dr. Kwankwaso is my friend.And I know Kano people have nothing against a new south-east state.Maybe,the governor has something against certain individuals in Abuja.He sort things out through Senator Gaya.All states in Nigeria were created by leaders from the .And this structural imbalance must be tackled now”,Kalu said.

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