New Kwara Fuji music leaders pledge better society

The newly elected leaders of the Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria (FUMAN), Kwara Chapter, have pledged to build a better society through music. The new Governor of the association, King Jamiu Aloba, made the promise in Ilorin on Friday while speaking with journalists.He said that Fuji musicians were society builders through the composition of their music, which awake the spirit of the listeners to be positive in their thinking.Aloba also pledged to collaborate with the government at all levels to promote Fuji music and encourage upcoming musicians.He said the time has come for Nigerians to receive wake up calls to patriotic values in a manner that all citizens would know their rightful duties and responsibilities to the nation and fellow human beings through music.

 The FUMAN governor said that it was painful that musicians of nowadays have abandoned their social responsibility of advising the people and government about roles to play.“I am not saying that ‘saje’ music is wrong entirely, but we need to put the nation building first and speak on national and state issues when it is necessary.“Unfortunately many of our musicians prefer to just entertain the people, even when they know that all is not well,”

he said.Aloba expressed his resolve to make a difference in the Fuji music and as well partner with journalists to sensitise Fuji musicians on their responsibilities to the public and upcoming generation.He lamented the decadence in the society, blaming it on the refusal of musicians to speak up and parents’ reluctance to caution their children and wards where necessary. The governor urged parents, government and religious leaders to preserve the values of Africa by emulating what was good in the white man’s culture and sticking to the moral values in the interest of the future of our country.“We cannot totally abandon our own rich culture and start embracing European culture.“It is a misplaced priority. Let parents train their children and act as watchdog over them for a better future,” he said.The Fuji maestro cautioned musicians from being partisan politicians and stop acting like hypocrites by singing praises of nonperforming government or politicians all because of money.“As Musicians, it is not normal for us to play politics with our music and ignore the suffering of the masses, but to criticise government constructively as partners and not as enemies.

“If we speak the truth without political bias, no government will accuse us of working for their opposition.“Let us behave like the light of the society and stop being selfish and blind to our people’s suffering,” he urged. (NAN)