New AOC charges officers to work towards improving security situation in the country

 reports that Makinde took over from the Acting AOC, Air Vice Marshal Cosmos Ozougwu.

Makinde said that what is expected of the officers is to improve on the security situation of the country which he said constitutes  the immediate challenge right now.

“The Nigeria Air Force at this command carries out  logistics policies as made from the Headquarters Nigeria Air Force.

“I am sure that we will have to rejig our efforts and continue to do what we have to do to support the efforts of the Air Force at improving the security situation in the country.

“In a few months time,  I am certain that all the effects of what our top hierarchy are trying to do will surely come to fruition,” he said.

The AOC said that officers should always look at the vision of their leaders in all their actions because that was where they would get their mentoring and their examples from.

Makinde said that one of the things that officers should strive for is to achieve results quickly and in doing that, their efforts and results would be recognised and rewarded.

“Efforts are important and we  will achieve the desired results when they are put in with the right attitude.

“If you put in efforts, you must make mistakes but if you are part of those that hide behind for fear of making mistakes, then your best will never be achieved.

“Besides, you can’t keep punishing someone for the same mistakes made forever because the person will learn and outgrow those mistakes through constant effort,” he said.

The AOC said that the job at the logistics command was to add value and contribute to the vision and growth of the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Oladayo Amao.

“The way we are structured right know, you will discover that we have shortage of manpower so you must be ready to cover for each other.

“Anybody can be called upon at anytime and assigned to do a job and your own is just to give in your best effort to ensure the task is done,” he said.

Makinde said that all hands must be on deck to support the government and the Chief of Air Staff in his task of providing air power in  support of whatever it is that the other forces are trying to do.

He said that his officers should reintroduce themselves through their hard work and put in their best in the coming years.

“I want to see good work, let your work be your best introduction because whatever you do will trickle down to your surbodinates.

“So reintroduce yourself to me afresh by the way you do your work. I look forward to enjoying and working together with you to achieve a common goal,” Makinde said.