Neuro-Psychiatrist gives hints to prevent


 Dr Bunmi Oluwagbami, a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist with the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba,  has advised Nigerians to take care of their mental health to avoid depression


Oluwagbami, who is also a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday  in Lagos that engaging in positive activities that give happiness, while avoiding anger could help prevent depression.

She said that anger produces a physiological crash, saying that the angrier one got, the more depressed one would get.

According to her, anger elevates blood pressure, increases threat of stroke, heart diseases, cancer, depression, anxiety and in general depresses the immune system.

“Angry people have a lot of little aches, pains or get a lot of colds, headaches and stomach upset.

“The health effects of anger have more to do with duration than frequency and intensity,’’ she said.

She, therefore, warned that Nigerians should strive to avoid anger as consistent prolonged level of anger could result to higher risk of dying before the age of 50.

The neuropsychiatrist said there cannot be health without mental health, saying one should be surrounded with positive people for well being.

She urged Nigerians to share their thoughts with positive people to enhance their mental health.

“Constantly surrounding yourself with positive people will help manage depression and stress. Buying expensive clothes, jewelleries will not bring permanent happiness.

“We need to create time for relaxation and look beyond the economic situation of the country; we need to focus on positive things in every bad situation,’’ Oluwagbami advised.

She said that being happy had  impact on one’s level of productivity at workplace, adding that happiness also impact relationship with people.

She noted that being happy could help one enhance blood pressure level and lengthen one’s lifespan.

“If someone is in a happy state of mind then there would be less troubles and stress, if someone is unhappy there will be depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and stress disorder.

“Depression is a significant problem that has affected some youths which has made them to be drug addicts.

“Drug addiction is being experimented due to the poor state of mental health, which seeks temporary pleasure and satisfaction,” she said. (NAN)