Netherlands, Nigeria to develop cattle farming model – Envoy

Netherlands is to partner with Nigeria to develop cattle farming models.

Mr Michel Deelen, Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands to Nigeria, this known during a news conference on Friday in Lagos.

The deputy ambassador said that the partnership was against the backdrop of President Mohammadu Buhari’s visit to the Netherlands in June to garner intelligence on successful cattle farming.

He said: “The issue of cattle farming among other things was discussed during President Buhari’s visit to the Netherlands.

“We had discussion with the Ministry of Agriculture on how we can develop the process of rearing cattle without having to walk through other people’s farm.

“That is an issue that has to do with many things but basically cattle undertake those long journeys because they are in need of food.

“If you can produce that food in one location, then there will be no need  for the cattle to walk through other people’s farms to graze.

“This is something that is basically an international effort because you need to find the right animal food that grows in the country, ‘’ Deelen said.

He also applauded the Minister of Agriculture, Mr Audu Ogbeh’s visit to Kenya to explore ways of producing cow feed in Nigeria.

“I understand they were in Kenya to see what can be done in terms of feed.

“The Netherlands is also bringing all kinds of experts to see how we can develop the model of farmers who have their cows on one location.

“Although, it is not rocket science and it will require all sides to get it to work, ‘’ he said.

He also spoke on the investments done by the Netherlands in Nigeria’s agriculture.

“The Netherlands have basically invested around 35 million Euros on various aspects of Nigeria’s agricultural value chains which includes; company investments; technical training investments; exchange programmes investments and others. (NAN)