NEMA plans massive campaign against fire outbreaks in S/East

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), says it is putting in place final modalities to carry out massive campaign against fire outbreaks within the South-East as dry season sets in.

The South-East Coordinator of NEMA, Mr James Eze, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Saturday.

Eze said that the NEMA would carry out the massive campaign within Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi States, adding that it would be involving insurance brokers, other and fire /emergency response experts.

According to him, “we are going to take the campaign against fire outbreaks to markets, public buildings, worship places and schools to enlighten our people on actions they need to take to ensure that fire outbreaks do not occur.”

He said: “We will use the campaign, especially at the markets, to enlighten traders on how to assist the governments (both and state) to reduce by insuring their goods with little insurance premium paid.

“NEMA will also take advocacy visit to various state governments within the zone to ensure that traders in their various markets are persuaded to take up insurance cover for their goods.

“This in turn will ensure they have something to fall back to in case of fire outbreak or any other disaster.

“It is clear that when there are fire outbreaks or other disasters at the markets, the traders usually run to government for assistance; but most times, government resources are highly limited to meet up with their demands and other demands.

“So, traders having insurance cover will greatly assist the government and economy of each state; as traders will receive some compensation from their insurance company and complement the humanitarian relief the government can offer”.

The coordinator noted that during the campaign, the issue of checking of indiscriminate bush burning and putting off all electricity appliances at the end of the day’s or trading activities would be emphasised.

“All residents being careful with the they handle and store inflammable within their homes, shops and worship places, would be stressed as well,” he said.

Eze said that the campaign has become necessary as NEMA had moved from reactive to proactive disaster management and engagement.

“Proactive disaster management entails preventive moves and measures against anticipated disasters,” he added. (NAN)