We Need State Police Very Urgently in Nigeria – Danlami -SATURDAY MIRROR INTERVIEW

DanlamiDanlami Nmodu, security administration expert who also publishes Newsdiaryonline.com in Abuja believes there is an need for State police in Nigeria 

As security management expert, would you say that the country is ripe for state police?
Well, whether you call it State Police or not, I believe the policing structure we have at the moment is grossly inadequate to meet the increasing complexity and sophistication of our country.The state and the communities need to be properly policed .There should be state police, community policy and other policing structures that should help guarantee our collective security.Of course ,these other policing structures like the state police would of necessity have to collaborate with the Nigeria or federal Police.So state police is urgently needed

Of course there fears that state chief executives may abuse this very important security agency, but do you think that the fears outweigh the need to ensure security in this country?
We must free ourselves from the fear of the unknown.Yes, there is the need to be cautious of our historical past and the tendency by politicians to use the police against their opponents.But even with the federal police, these vices still abound. And I believe federal topshots feel they can extend their reach and power top states because they know the governors and local government chairmen don’t have police force under their control.Yes you cannot rule out occasional abuses but a state police will also counter the undue tendency of Abuja forces to always want to extend their influence to states.So state police will also serve the purpose of ‘balance of terror’. And that will thus make the all ‘ forces’ to be always cautious.
Some people advise that the federal government should look towards streamlining ethnic militias like OPC, Bakasi, Niger Delta militants and the civilian JTFs in the North as perhaps starting point of state police. What is your view of this?
Honestly I believe we should not encourage the transformation or integration of all these militia forces as a group into mainstream police function.Some of them emerged under some questionable circumstances.Individuals who belong to these groups if properly screened could be employed.I believe these groups are a testament to the failing nature of our state.A properly rebuilt Nigeria should have policemen duly employed .If you want to create state police, let them be employed on some properly conducted recruitment exercise not to streamline ethnic militia or emergency civilian force into the federal or state police.

What is your view of the recent move by FG to use civilian JTF to curb insurgency in the North?
I see it as an very unfortunate development .The fact that the state power became so ‘weak’ that some untrained elements had to ‘take over’ or give huge support to state functionaries was very embarrassing. But it was a bitter pill we all had to swallow since the CJTF shocking seemed to have done well when they came up.Iam glad the armed forces of Nigeria are rising up from their initial setback and they have been recording appreciable progress of late.That is more reassuring than to surrender ourselves to the exploits of civilian JTF.Lest Iam misunderstood, the patriotism of the CJTF members is highly appreciated.But it is far from the ideal.And never again,I pray, never again should we see civilians chalk up more progress in any battle than the Nigerian troops.

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