NDLEA warns Oyo residents against harbouring Indian hemp sellers, users


The National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Oyo State Command, has warned residents of the  State against harbouring users and sellers of Indian hemp in their premises.

The agency gave the warning during an enlightenment campaign at the Oja’ba Central Mosque during Friday’s jumat service in Ibadan.

Addressing the congregation, the NDLEA Assistant Commander in the state, Toyin Ajanaku, said that anyone caught harbouring sellers of Indian hemp in his or her premises risks confiscation of such property to the federal government.

Ajanaku said it has been observed that most of the houses in Ibadan township harboured and allowed their premises to be used for the sale of Indian hemp and other hard drugs.

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The assistant commander urged those involved in such illicit acts to desist before the hands of the law catches up with them.

He said that one of the consequences of taking hard drugs is the increasing insecurity in the state and Nigeria in general which the security agencies in the country are currently battling with.

Ajanaku said that the government will do everything under the law to ensure that insecurity is eradicated in the country.

“We are here to advise you on the implications of taking hard drugs and harbouring sellers for you to desist and ban those using your premises in transacting drug business.

“Drug abuse is responsible for insecurity in the country and we urge you to desist and report those engaging in drug abuse to the NDLEA for peace to reign in the country,” Ajanaku said.

The assistant commander called on the people of the state and Nigeria in general to support NDLEA in the fight against drug abuse.

He said that most crimes being perpetrated in the country are carried out under the influence of hard drugs, adding that the NDLEA will continue to do its best in dealing with those engaging in illicit drugs. (NAN)

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