NBC to Broadcast Stations: Avoid programmes with spurious claims on COVID-19

The National Broadcasting Commission cautioned against airing of unverified claims as the world battles for a vaccine for coronavirus.

NBC which gave this orser Friday in a statement said it had observed with dismay, the preponderance of programmes with unverifiable claims targeted at COVID 19 Pandemic.

Whilst th commission commended the commitments of the Broadcast Stations for the massive coverage and support to Federal Government of Nigeria towards informing, enlightening Nigerians on the pandemic, it will not hesitate to impose severe sanctions on any station that allows unverifiable claims on its platform.

Consequently, NBC drew attention to the following sections of the 6th edition of Nigeria Broadcasting Code;

3.4.1(a) the broadcaster shall ensure that every programme is accurate and credible;

7.1.18 descriptions, claims, testimonials or illustrations in an advertisement relating to verifiable facts shall be such that can easily be substantiated.

7.4.10 the broadcaster shall ensure that an advertisement is not broadcast if it contains any offer to diagnose or treat conditions by myth, superstitious beliefs and practice.

The management of NBC noted Corona Virus has been declared a global Pandemic and no
Station shall allow its platform to be used to undermine the
Seriousness of the Virus.

The statement urged all to “note that a broadcast station is responsible for all Content that it transmits.”