National Demographic Data Base : VP Directs Harmonisation Of Recommendations

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Vice President  Mohammed Namadi Sambo  has directed that all recommendations of the various sub-committees of the Presidential Committee to Midwife the Streamlining of the Development of a Centralised Demographic Database for the nation be harmonised to produce a single and comprehensive report to be presented to Mr. President.

Vice President Sambo gave the order on Monday  in the State House, Abuja during the presentation of reports and recommendations by the various sub-committees of the Presidential Committee.

Sambo stressed the importance of producing a national demographic data of all Nigerians for economic planning, health-care deliver, and educational development and security.

The meeting emphasised the need for the National Population Commission and other related agencies to collaborate with one another in the discharge of its various statutory functions in order to ensure better service delivery on their mandates.

It also advised that National Population Commission be directed to focus on its strategic architecture as it relates to delivering a credible census by 2016, achieving an enhanced vital Registration System and effective Population Management while it collaborates with NIMC to ensure that the latter achieves its own mandate of identity management including issuance of National Identity Cards.

The sub-committees submitted various recommendations some of which were: to undertake independent audit of all existing demographic data of various agencies by the second quarter of 2013; conduct Data Producer/Users Workshop to address issues of integration of the database in 2013; select base identity management system (IMS) to be deployed by early 2014; National Population Commission and National Identify Management Commission (NIMC) to create a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) for every Nigerian citizen by the first quarter of 2015 and, Centralised demographic database to be functional by early 2016, among others.

The meeting also cautioned that distinction should be made between national data base and national demographic data base as each of them is used for different purposes.

Vice President Sambo set up a committee chaired by the Minister of National Planning Commission to harmonised recommendations of all sub-committees and present its report within one week.


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