National Conference: “ Three months may not be enough”,says ACF..CNPP kicks

Anyi addresses mediaBy Danlami Nmodu

The Arewa Consultative Forum,ACF has expressed worry about the length of time for the forthcoming National .Spokesman of ACF,Mr Anthony Sani said in an sms to Newsdiaryonline that “The only thing we can say now is that three months may not be enough for the desired results to come to pass”

Sani added that “It is late in the day to be against for the modalities of the National .
Though ACF has never believed the solution to our national malaise lies in the ,as long as the promoters believe it can further the cause of a united whole Nigeria there should be qualm(s).
“We hope the deliberations will calm the nerves in the polity.
“The only thing we can say now is that three months may not be enough for the desired results to come to pass.

ACF also for nomination of men of sterling qualities for the conference.”Yet we dare suggest nominees should be Nigeria’s first eleven who are endowed with public intelligence and patriotic courage” Sani said.
On Thursday,Secretary to the Government of the Federation,Mr Anyim Pius Anyim announced the modalities for the national conference.He said a total of 492 delegates shall be nominated for the conference.

Meanwhile, in its reaction to the release of the modalities,the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP ) has kicked against what it described as unfair treatment of 20 registered political parties.

Mr Osita Okechukwu,spokesman of CNPP said the “Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP ) wishes to report the unfair and gross under representation of the registered political parties in Nigeria. It is very unfair, that only five out of the 25 registered political parties were allocated 10 delegates; while the president is to nominate 25 percent of the total delegates.”

Continuing,Okechukwu said “Whereas, we are aware that not much will be achieved by the conference, the timing; however we are still at a loss how 20 political parties that various tendencies in the country were denied the opportunity to contribute their quota in a national conference.

He appealed “ that this obnoxious anomaly be corrected before the national conference commences.”

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