National Christian Centre: How man wedded lady with disabilities

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By Chimezie Godfrey

The National Christian Centre (National Ecumenical Center), has for the first time in its history, conducted a special holy matrimony, between a man and a lady who is physically challenged, says Rev. Mike Agbon, the officiating Minister at the Centre.

Agbon who made the assertion on Sunday in Abuja during an interview session with Journalists, said that the event was an unusual one because it is the first of its kind conducted in the church.

“Certainly, the event is an unusual one because apart from being a regular none denominational Sunday service under the under auspices of Christian Association Nigeria, today we are putting together in marriage, we have a couple one who is very special and unique because the bride is physically challenged.

“We felt it would be a wonderful time to be able to come together and encourage men in that category who are physically challenged to let everybody know that the decision of the groom is not just the expression of love, it also goes ahead to show that inspite of whatsoever  challenge any person will have that those challenges are not limitations.

“And that they could actually live a normal life,  have a normal love life, and have a normal matrimonial home, inspite of whatsoever physical challenge they have.

“Certainly is the first time, you know we have marriages here often, but is the first time we are having a marriage here on a Sunday service and a marriage between a man and a lady who is physically challenged, we look up to that kind of union,” he said.

Agbon said his message to the couple, going forward, is for them to remain one in line with what the Bible said, adding that there should be no secrets between them, and they should be able to dialogue together, and ensure transparency in all that they will do.

He added that once they have transparency and everyone of them have the fear of God, and make God their standard in all things they will have no problem.

The bride, Lois Auta, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cedar Seed Foundation, an organization at the forefront of the advocacy for inclusiveness for people with disabilities (PWD), expressed gratitude to God, adding that her marriage to the groom is her dream come through.

She said the love between her and the groom started in July 2018 when a friend introduced him as her campaign manager, when she ran for the House of Representatives for AMAC/BWARI federal constituency, under the platform of ACCORD party, during the 2019 elections.

“When he proposed to marry me, I felt excited because it was a dream come through,” she laughed.

“I gave up in marriage, but God said am not done with you yet, becoming the wife of Mr. Innocent (groom) is one of my dreams.”

Auta said her dream is to have a happy home, a heaven on earth matrimonial home, a home based on Godly affairs and a home that is ready to touch humanity.

She revealed that she sees her disability as a blessing and not a barricade, and that her disability can never stop her from becoming a good wife and mother not only to her family but to the nation entirely.

The bride said that she being a social entrepreneur and with the husband by her side they are going to do exploit, adding that disability and love are of different perspectives.

She therefore advised that people should begin to see women with disabilities as good wives and good mothers.

The groom, Mr. Innocent Patrick  explaining why he chosed the bride among many women, said earlier in their relationship he noticed her innocence, simplicity and childlike sincerity that is why he could not let her go. 

He advised other men who may find themselves in similar situation, not to undermined people with disabilities as most of them are more capable and active than those without disabilities.

“My message to other men who may find themselves in similar situation is that with her, I have come to see that most of those we  branded disable are in fact more capable, more active, so we should not undermined them,” he stressed.

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