NASFAT urges Muslims to emulate Muhammad’s noble character

 The Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT) on Tuesday urged Muslims to emulate Prophet Muhammad’s noble character in relation with one another to foster good society.

NASFAT, a civil society group, made the call at its 2021 prayer and lecture to mark the Maolud-an-Nabiyy, held at Ikeja Central Mosque in Lagos.

Speaking at the event, the NASFAT Chief Missioner, Alhaji Abdulazeez Onike, said Muslims should live righteously daily and not only during the feasts in honour of Muhammad.

Onike, who referred to the prophet as God’s greatest gift to humanity, said that, if, as a people, we follow non-violence, persuasion and dialogue as preached and practised by Muhammad, society would be a lot better.

“That which we profess as believers of the scripture should be reflected in our daily relationship with our neighbours irrespective of their religion.

“It is our interpersonal relationship that would bond us or disperse us thereby either enlivening our belief or discarding it in the mind of the people around us,” he said.

The cleric who frowned upon the rate of crime in the country, said that people should learn to sacrifice for others especially in difficult times.

He said Prophet Muhammad being celebrated is an embodiment of service and sacrifice that benefitted humanity.

Onike said that the essence of the day was to remind the people of the need to remain resolute in their faith as followers of the Prophet who live out nobility in all ramifications.

In his sermon at the event, the Guest Speaker, Imam Tesleem Moshood, said that the conduct of the people was needed to define the body as a religion of peace and not by mouthing it.

“As a body that the whole world looks up to to reform society and save souls, we need to exhibit such characters and attitudes that can inspire others to be good persons.

“The feast of Maolud is vital to the existence of mankind and we should mark it with joy amidst fervent prayers for peace in our society,” he said. (NAN)