N50m per trip to Abuja by Abubakar: Gov Bala’s claim diversionary – Aide

The immediate past governor of state Mohammed A. Abubakar has debunked the claim by the incumbent governor Bala Mohammed that he used to spend the whopping sum of 50 million every trip to Abuja while in office.

Ali in a press release signed by his former Media Adviser,Ali M.Ali,the former governor said the allegation was false and meant to divert attention of the people of the state as Bala faces too much pressure in .

Part of the statement reads:
“Rather than showcase his achievements, he chose to knock his fall guy, MA Abubakar with this latest, and we dare say, patently false claim that our leader used to spend 50m every trip to Abuja!

“We dispute this claim. It is false. It is a fabrication and product of inebriation.
It is not the first time the governor or agents of his government will attempt to demonize our principal. Each time , the pressure mounts on the goverment, it seeks to divert attention with claims of mismanagement by the former governent.

“This has become a pattern.
We recall similar and no less outlandish claims from refunding 1 trillion for a government whose total receipts from federal allocation was less than 350b in four years to carting away vehicles and dubiously converting government to personal use.” He retorted.

He challenged the state Assets Recovery Committee to provide proofs of any sleight of by the past goverment soon.

According to , governor Bala took over a monthly of N5.2b which he publicly acknowledged saying the same workforce now is paid N7b monthly.

“Discerning public in state especially and nationwide know that the current leadership in the state is economical with the truth and clearly overwhelmed by the daunting task of leadership. Lacking in fiscal discipline and temperament to navigate the corridors of power.

“Whipping” former Governor Abubakar has become a convenient tool to divert attention and escape from these realities.Thankfully, few believe the half truths and often outright falsehood being churned out each time the current government came short on delivery of its campaign promises.” The statement reads further.
The statement regretted that the current governor, Senator Bala Mohammed the assertion himself while addressing the media to mark a year of his lackluster in office at the weekend.
Ali charged the media to always interrogate the claims of governor Bala Mohammed or its agents each time they seek to demonize his principal or make the to reach out to them for their side of the story.