Mr LA condemns Kaduna killings, condoles with community

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, senatorial candidate for Kaduna Central, Lawal Adamu Usman, has condemned the killings in the villages of Igabi and Giwa local government areas, especially the people of Kerawa village of Igabi, in Kaduna over weekend’s bandit attacks that claimed 30 lives.

A statement signed by his special media consultant, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, described the killings as heartless, inhuman and barbaric while noting the need for improved efforts by the authorities to secure people’s lives and properties.

“With a bleeding heart, on behalf of the Mr LA Team, I feel the pain of the entire people of Kerawa in particular and Igabi local government area as a whole. 

“Such indiscriminate attacks and destruction of innocent communities and killing both the old and young, including women and children are not only condemnable but abhorrent, insensitive, inhuman and heartless as well,” Mr LA said.

The PDP chieftain noted that the persistence of attacks on innocent communities in Kaduna state and Nigeria generally points to the lack of will and preparedness by the relevant authorities to tackle the deteriorating security situation.

He regretted that despite its over-hyped campaign promises,  the current leadership at the national and most northern states, have by any standard of judgement, failed in the vital area of improving people’s security. 

“As the killings and wanton destruction of properties persist, the administration does not appear to have any idea on what will provide relief or solution. 

“This confirms the mounting concern that the current federal government and the authorities in Kaduna state lack the will, the competence and commitment to lead the people into a secure future. 

“Security everywhere is the sole responsibility of government as well as its primary function. Failure to perform this function with all the state resources at its disposal, confirms widespread feelings that the current administration is grossly incapable of securing its citizens.

“We pray God to grant peace to those massacred and fortitude to the bereaved communities while calling for communal vigilance to prevent reoccurrence in future,”Mr LA said.

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