Montblanc: The Most Beautiful and Elegant Fountains Pens

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A pen for many people is a common writing tool. However, for some, it is also a reflection of the social status of its owner. It goes along with similar attributes of luxury, like antiques, cars and jewelry. And this is not something special, because today these pens are made out of expensive metals, encrusted with rubies, diamonds and other precious stones. The most expensive of them can often cost a fortune, making them more as an investment not an everyday writing tool. Speaking of stationary equipment supplies, you can find variety of pens, shredders, pencils, binders and so much more from and you do not need to leave the house for that.

In meantime, check these incredible fountain pens that are not just unique, expensive but incredibly beautiful.

Boheme Royal Pen, Montblanc: $150,000


It may be that diamonds are “girl’s best friends”, but men surely like them too. Look at this Montblanc Boheme Royal Pen! Encrusted with 1430 brilliant-cut diamonds “Royal Pen” fully justifies its name and clearly created for a man who is not afraid to draw an attention. The body is made out of 18-carat gold with platinum coating, while Montblanc logo is decorated with 19 diamonds and set in modern, curvaceous patterns with a 18 K paramount-cut diamond.

Meisterstuck Solitaire Royal LeGrand, Montblanc: $175,000


Montblanc continues to produce pens that, remain in style, and their cost can compete with costs of exclusive cars. They created this exclusive and classy Montblanc Meisterstuck Solitaire Royal LeGrand. This stunning pen went off Bonhams & Butterfields auction for $ 175,000. The pen encrusted with 4600 gems and is made of yellow gold. The cap is encrusted with 7 more diamonds.

Boheme Papillon, Montblanc: $200,000


A tender aura surrounds delicate butterflies, which have inspired the thoughts of writers and poets for hundreds of years with their wonderful metamorphosis, exuberance and natural charm. Butterflies also became an inspiration for the most experienced master craftsmen at Montblanc. The Boheme Papillon pen costs a bit more than $200,000 and there are only 6 pens produced. They come in three colors white, yellow and rose gold. These beauties are studded with 1,400 diamonds and sapphires that spread over the body in three levels forming a tender butterfly. Boheme Papillon is a true marvel of the legendary German pen maker’s art.

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