Mogadishu: Terrorists kill 8, free scores of prisoners


At least eight people died after terrorist group al-Shabaab staged an overnight prison break in northern Somalia, police said on Friday.

Scores of prisoners, including suspected terrorists, escaped during the attack, police officer Hussein Ali said.

The attack began with a large explosion, after which heavily armed militants stormed the prison in the port city of Bosaso in Puntland around midnight, the police officer said.

“We have lost eight security forces in this terrible assault,” said Ali, with several other officers were wounded.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, in comments to pro-insurgent radio station Andalus, saying it helped 400 prisoners to escape.

The terrorist group, which has links to al-Qaeda, has been fighting for supremacy in the country in the Horn of Africa for years and staged ongoing attacks on politicians, civilians and foreigners. (dpa/NAN)