More Ministers, Board Members Will Be Appointed Soon –Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has assured Nigerians that more ministers will soon be appointed into the Federal Executive Council.

He made the announcement in his remarks at the meeting of the National Executive Committee of the All Progressives Congress,APC in Abuja on Tuesday.The meeting was held at the party’s national secretariat.

Buhari said “the compressed Federal Executive Council will be expanded to bring in more supporters at Federal Level, with fresh ideas to be injected into the government.”

He also  said that board members will soon be announced for federal parastatals.The president  recalled that “Last year I said we would re-constitute the Boards of Parastatals. I must regret the fact that we have not done so, for many reasons.

“Some of us in this meeting may know I had given instructions since October 2015 for this exercise to start. But there have been inordinate delays through several Committees in an attempt to get the balance right and to make sure all parts of the country are equitably represented.

“On the other hand I am keenly aware that our supporters are very eager for these appointments to be announced. By the Grace of God these appointments will be announced soon. Especially now that the economy is improving, we will have the resources to cater for the appointees.”

The president commended the party’s chairman,Chief Odigie Oyegun as well as the leaders of the national assembly.

Buhari said “I want to thank Chief Oyegun and his staff for steering the party in the last two and a half years.  Sometimes it is easier to manage failure than to manage success – and a big success such as that we have achieved.

“I must also commend the leadership of the National Assembly led by Senate President His Excellency, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki and Rt. Hon. Speaker Mr. Yakubu Dogara.  I must place on record the cooperation and understanding of the National Assembly including some non-APC members who rose above petty party interests and acted in the national interest.

Also  the president  said “My deep thanks also go to our State Governors who faced stiff challenges, especially their determination to maintain unity and tolerance among our communities.  This is in the face of unnecessary politically motivated strife and violence.  Credit should go to APC Governors for extending their hand of fellowship to their colleagues from other parties.

“In my remarks to the Caucus meeting yesterday, I enumerated the progress that our government has made in the implementation of the programs of government and the Party Manifesto.

“We can be proud of our achievements in the last two years, Boko Haram, Niger Delta, Regular Fuel, Improved Power, TSA, Agriculture and Fertilizer, above all, the knowledge that corruption will not be tolerated in this Government. We all know there is Change.”

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  1. Buhari, Buhari, Buhari!!! You blustered past governments for appointments especially ministerial and today, you are clamoring for appointing more. All PDP has done was to appoint additional six ministers to represent the six geo-political zones to create more confidence in government. Today, you want to follow suit. About change, it is an absolute backward. You are very old to remember all you have said during campaign but get some tips below:
    *Fertilizer was 3,000 under Jonathan, Under your watch 10,000
    *Hajj was between 600,000 to 800,000 under Jonathan, Under your watch 1,500,000
    *Fuel at 87 under Jonathan, Under your watch 145
    *50kg of rice under Jonathan was 7,000 t0 8,000, Under your watch 18,000 to 20,000
    *Dollar was 175 to 190 under Jonathan, Under your watch 500+ now 362
    *The highest corrupted scam ever witness since independence is Baru’s 25 Billion USD contract
    *All corrupt cases you are interested in were from opposition and even orchestrated
    *Under Jonathan, a son of the poor can get job in Federal government on merit, Under your watch only the your sons daughters are qualified
    *The worst and devastated road networks worsened Under your watch
    *You created a hatred and division among Nigerians through sectionalism, regionalism and religeonism
    *Under your watch, You created a serious gap between the poor and the rich eg when Abuja Airport was temporarily relocated to Kaduna, within sixty days, there was no single pothole between Zuba and Kaduna including Nnamdi Azikiwe bye pass in Kaduna metropolis, three Police Commissioners deployed and three helicopters under tight security watch and surveillance
    *Under your watch, because of your hatred to the Nigerian masses, Jonathan established five Federal Universities which you abolished, out of which none was located in his (Jonathan) zone. You have forgotten that your children, that of Jonathan and Shekarau who master minded the creation of the Universities will NEVER attend such Universities because it is meant for the less privilleged
    *Mr. President, you do not have a single project or policy executed or implemented that Nigerian masses are today enjoying, it is all propaganda
    *Under your watch, thank GOD the excelling level of poverty housed itself in your Hausa/Fulani Muslim region, but you do not care
    *About Boko Haram, I think you are the major beneficiary of the dastardly act of the terrorist group because that was the major propaganda you used to sent Jonathan packing from Aso Villa and that is why all the people you alleged to sponsor and master mind the act could not be arrested because of the implication attached to it
    *The Nigerian economy is at slumber in which Under your watch, majority of APC governors could not pay salary and many parastatals at Federal Government
    *More on your hatred to masses: Kano State gave you 1.9 million votes but uptil today you have never visited Kano despite the death of Dan Masanin Kano (whom he fondly call you ‘Kanena’), The death of your bosom friend AVM Muktar Muhammad, The fire disaster of Sabon Gari International Market and many more
    *The gap of decay you created will take Nigeria many years to recover under a COMMITTED President

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