Ministerial Slots: Arewa Economic Forum Urges Tinubu to Prioritise Merit over Old Politicians


Arewa Economic Forum (AEC) has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to prioritize merit and pedigree in the appointments of ministers, advisers, and heads of various agencies and not old politicians and political office holders.

The forum pointed out that by placing meritocracy at the forefront of decision-making, the President can ensure that the best individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of serving the nation.

The Chairman of AEC, Ibrahim Yahaya Dandakata who made the call at a media interface in Abuja said the president should not appoint people whose only credentials are political participation or who had failed in the previous positions they held.

While commending Tinubu on the recent appointments of the National Security Adviser, Service Chiefs, and others which are in line with the principle of federal character, and defined by competence and track record, he urged the same for subsequent appointments on merit.

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Dandakata said: “We firmly believe that the appointment of individuals who possess the necessary competence, track record of probity, diligence, and capabilities is a crucial step toward effective leadership and governance. Nigeria finds itself at a critical juncture and the country’s leadership must be guided by these qualities rather than political patronage and expediency.

“Nigeria has been battered with economic, social, and political problems, which have consequently resulted in issues of national concern, such as a high rate of unemployment, unprecedented inflation, and disunity among citizens, which metamorphosed into insecurity in some parts of the country.

The President, who was elected primarily on the strength of his track record as a public administrator and an accomplished businessman, has demonstrated an unblemished record of integrity. His unquestionable reputation as one of the most investigated politicians in Nigeria, having been scrutinized by various anti-corruption agencies and found not wanting, is a testament to his commitment to transparency and accountability.

“We, therefore, urged the President to continue preserving this legacy and projecting a positive image of his administration and the country. As subsequent appointments, including those for ministers and other positions, are considered, we encourage the President to prioritize competence, track record, and merit above any other considerations.”

Dankata said that the Arewa Economic Forum remains committed to supporting initiatives that promote good governance, accountability, and the welfare of the Nigerian people. We stand ready to work alongside the government in its efforts to build a prosperous and inclusive Nigeria.

Members of the Arewa Economic Forum included academics, business entrepreneurs, industrialists, legal practitioners, youth leaders, and retired officers from the security and public services.

By PRNigeria

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