Mimiko’s Victory:Atiku Extols Voter Sovereignty

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has advised re-elected Governor Segun Mimiko of Ondo State to unite everybody him in the next challenges of consolidating the gains of democratic governance in the State.

According to Atiku, despite the acrimonious tone of the campaign language, the will of the voters had ultimately prevailed and therefore, urged those who lost the keenly contested election to demonstrate sportsmanship by putting the higher interest of Ondo State above personal ambitions or bitterness.

The former Vice President noted that politicians should be united by the desire to promote the common good of the people, regardless of which platforms they seek to realise their ambitions.

Atiku said that opposition politics was often misconstrued in Africa to mean a contest between friends and enemies. He, however, observed that opposition politics had its merits because it might help those in power to hear unpleasant truth, which their friends would not have the courage to tell them.

Rather than perceiving political opponents as enemies, the former Vice President advised leaders and parties to be liberal enough to accept the reality and necessity of opposition at whatever level they    dominate power.

On the Independent National Electoral Commission, Atiku advised the election umpire to use the perceived shortcomings of the Ondo election as a guide to conduct better elections in the future.


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