Merger of Parties:PPA Chairman Predicts Failure

The Chairman of the Peoples Alliance PPA, Chief Sam Nkire has predicted failure for the proposed  merger of four political parties in the country.  Chief Nkire said the best and most workable arrangement would have been for the parties involved to keep their structures but field one candidate during election. According to the PPA Chairman the real problem will start when it comes to filling party positions at the federal, state, local government and ward levels.

He said for every party position created in the , three former office holders in the four merging parties were bound to lose their positions, which may lead to mass defection to other political parties such as PPA.  Chief Nkire said it was difficult to ask a Nigerian political office holder to step down for another and become a an ordinary member and expect 100% loyalty from him or her.

The PPA boss said that already  there were of a  serious crack within the merger as expected, as according to him one of the four parties is dissociating itself from the marriage. In anticipation of mass exodus from the merging parties, the PPA Chairmanreminded intending members that the party does not reject anybody willingly wants to join it, rather PPA literally begs people to come over.

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