A Memo To Mr Boni Haruna, The Honorable Minister Of Youth Development

mohammedsani Haruna

HarunaBy Engr BD Lawal

Good afternoon Boniface.

I’ve just read in the Sun Newspaper of Wednesday 17th, September, extracts from a speech attributed to you at the “National Summit of Goodluck Support Groups”.

I quote: “There is peace in the country and there is no need to ask the man responsible for the peace to leave the scene. President Jonathan has done well and because of this, I and other Ministers are saying there is no vacancy in Aso Rock in 2015”. I can’t believe that you, Mr Boni Haruna can say this.

For those who do not know, Mr Boni Haruna hails from Michika, the headquarter of Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State. He is of the Higi tribe. As at today, Wednesday, 17th September, 2014, the whole of the ancestral land of Higi people including Michika town their political and commercial headquarter is under occupation by Boko Haram. Higi people, a very hard working, self-reliant and proud people are now scattered all over Adamawa State living in alien places and homes as refugees. I can say this with certainty because over 100 of them are presently living in my country home in Kwambla village. This small village of around 2000 people is presently home to over 500 Higi and Marghi people that run away from Boko Haram. What peace are you then talking about?

Apparently, the group of ministers that attended this very insensitive and dubious rally needed the most insensitive and inconsiderate one among them to speak on their behalf and the lot most have fallen on you. But in my wildest imagination, I never would have thought that you, Mr Boni Haruna, yourself a refugee in Abuja will be that person. With thousands of your own kinsmen being daily butchered by Boko Haram and with thousands of the youths either brutally murdered, taken in to captivity or displaced, I do not see what business you, a Minister of Youth Development has with this brazen display of insensitivity and callousness.

In light of the current misery your kinsmen are now facing, you should have at all costs avoided being at this rally. But, if for some mercantile reason or conscience deficit you could not, you should not have made the comments being now attributed to you. In so doing, you have betrayed a certain degree of insensitive and mercantilism uncommon to our people. In sum, you have betrayed your people for filthy lucre.

As a brother, my advise is for you to better watch it because, come 29th May 2015, Mr Goodluck will be returning to his home town in Bayelsa State while you Mr Boni Haruna may not have a Michika to return to on account of Boko Haram’s current massive massacre, looting and burning of Higi Land which the government you are now serving seems unwilling or unable to challenge, let alone stop.

I apologize for souring your buffet lunch this afternoon but as always, I consider it my duty to alert a brother and a fellow Christian whenever I perceive he might be playing a Judas. May The Lord Jesus Christ grant you the courage and wisdom to stand firm for the truth at all times for, it is better to please God than man. Our youth have no need of a lying minister.

Have a good day.

Engr BD Lawal
APC National Vice Chairman, North East

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