Me, Ethically Challenged?- Ribadu Replies Abati

ribadunewFormer Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has hit back at Presidential Spokesman Reuben Abati ,who yesterday accused him of being ethically challenged.
Ribadu in his reply said “Abati’s statement, typical of his increasingly desperate personality, has exposed him as a fraud of a presidential spokesman who does not have the simplest level of media literacy. It is unfortunate that he stands on crooked crutches of rehashed falsehoods fabricated by corrupt politicians prosecuted by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, in his desperate attempt to hold on to his job.
The former presidential candidate of Action Congress of Nigeria,ACN addd “His conjectured statement is a sad commentary on the type of people we have in the helms of our affairs: even with the resources at his disposal, Abati could not conduct a little research to save himself from embarrassment before he set out barking.
According to statement ,“It is a huge gaffe for Abati to charge Ribadu of ingratitude as the latter has more valid stand to make similar accusation having been betrayed after his selfless service to the nation in the Petroleum Revenue Task Force committee. The question of who is ethically challenged, however, is left for Nigerians to answer.”

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