Cabinet: Workers urge Buhari to appoint on merit

Workers in the Federal Capital Territory have urged President Muhammadu Buhari to look beyond political parties and appoint new ministers based on merit.

In separate interviews on Wednesday in Abuja, the workers said that some of the present ministers did well in their various capacities.

Mr Isa Aremu, member of National Executive Council of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said that some of the ministers deserve commendation while some of them need to be removed.

“We want people who are clear headed to be in the cabinet and not unserious people.

“We know Nigeria has missed the millennium development goals and now we have sustainable development goals and we don’t need to miss this one again.

“We require people with vision, who are tested and the president should look beyond his party as we have inclusive governance.

“All we need now is inclusive development, some of them deserve commendation and we need the best for Nigeria.“

Mr Akpausoh Akpausoh, the General Secretary Radio Television Theatre Art Workers Union (RATTAWU), said that Buhari should not appoint merely just to satisfy the interest of appointees.

He said that the retaining and reshuffling of cabinet members should be made based on the knowledge and assessment of performing ministries, agencies and departments.

He said that he had not noticed much change in many sectors and that those sectors without difference since the past four years should be looked into.

“There are so many sectors that have not been in good place and those areas should be looked into and if there is a weakling there, that weakling should be removed.

“If it is not their area to perform effectively, don’t force them to be there just to satisfy their interest but put them where they can perform effectively,” he said.

Mr Reginald Ukegbu, the Public Relations Officer of FCT Primary Health Care Board, commended some ministries for their progress.

Ukegbu said that the Ministry of Power Works and Housing, headed by Babatunde Fashola was doing well given the fact that it was three ministries in one.

He said that Fashola was doing a lot of constructions in Works and Housing and also trying his best to elevate the infrastructure deficit in power.

He also praised the Minister of Transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi for his performance in the railway sector.

“I have travelled to many parts of the country and a lot of professional work is going on, road constructions are going on.

“The ministry of power, works and housing is doing well and bearing in mind that these are three big ministries joined together, I think he has done well.

“Constructions of railways are ongoing and new ones are being commissioned and that is what majority of us are using now because of the kidnappings on the road.”

Mr Innocent Ajiji, the President General of Nigeria Union of Railway Workers (NUR), said that he wished the current minister of transportation remain because of the improvement in the sector.

He, however, said that even if those who have performed are removed, the new ministers would continue from where the previous ones stopped.

“Government is continuity and whether the current transport minister is there or not, the project will continue.

“There is no problem if the minister is there or not but we so wish that he should be there after the cabinet reshuffling because he is moving the corporation to another level.” (NAN)

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