Masari supports efforts to identify foreign nationals who have overstayed in Nigeria

Gov. Aminu Masari Katsina State is supporting efforts by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to engage traditional leaders in identifying foreign nationals who have overstayed in the country.

The governor expressed his support on Monday when he received the Comptroller General (CG) the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), Alhaji Muhammad , in Katsina.

According to governor, traditional rulers have much more to do in aspect, and will surely in identifying those who have overstayed in the country, especially those from neighbouring countries.

“The great challenge before the comptroller the immigration in Katsina State is the issue how to identify the people from Niger Republic.

“It is very difficult, but you have taken the right step by engaging the traditional rulers.

“I think they have more roles to play in this regard, and surely it will in identifying those overstayed and have been committing crimes,” he said.

The governor added: “I am sure the traditional rulers will surely give you all the necessary support, because like you rightly say, a lot depends on them.”

Masari pointed out that the Local Government reform of 1976, running up to 1978, really dealt a heavy blow on the role of traditional institutions regards to managing security situations in localities.

“But luckily enough, recently, there is a general understanding that we need to revisit that reform.

“Here in Katsina, we have already addressed some of them by amending our law to give traditional institutions more roles to play, especially in the area of security,” he said.

Earlier in his remarks, said he was in Katsina State to commiserate the state government and also the people of the state over the killing of innocent by the bandits.

He added that he also come to interact the traditional rulers so as to find a lasting solution to the security challenges, adding that enough is enough; the killing of innocent people must .

“We cannot sit down and fold our arms to see things going wrong, therefore I had to caution my staff against bribe collection, and also boost morals.

“My message to them is very clear, security business is our business, we are paid to protect the lives and property of the , therefore they should shun any form of corruption so that Nigeria can move forward.

“If an officer can turn back and allow some people to come to the country anyhow, it they have compromised the lives of the . Hence, we are taking necessary measures to end this.” he said.

explained that he is doing everything possible to ensure the proper implementation of the ECOWAS protocols on movement of people within the member countries. (NAN)