Mark Advocates Alternative Model to Address Global Economic Crisis

senate_president__david_markPresident the Senate, Senator David Mark has said that the global economic crises rocking nations are reversible if ” we go back to the drawing board to formulate alternative and more sustainable and equitable development models”.

Senator Mark noted that the current model development has been overhyped by its over-emphasis on the economy, at the expense local variables development.

Addressing the 128th Assembly the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), titled “from unrelenting growth to purposeful development, new approaches, new solutions”,holding in Quito, Ecuador yesterday, Senator Mark told the World body that ” it is our sincere and humble suggestion that local factors must be injected into the model to make the development meaningful and realistic”.

According to him, “this new model must be all inclusive and not just about economics of advanced democracies. It must include social factors that are important aspects of our culture.

I have never heard of bail out for any emerging or young democracy. Yet, what we need to bail out all countries is less than 50 per cent of what is given to one nation today”.

The leader of the Nigerian delegation to the Assembly stressed that development should be about increasing life expectancy, improving health care, providing for all, poverty reduction, nutrition, peace, healthy life styles and diets, clean drinking and sanitation as well as protecting the environment.

By doing so, he added that “we not only meet our current challenges also safeguard the rights of future generations.

“Development should be bottom-up and not -down. To ignore knowledge systems and outside models on countries is surely a recipe for disaster”.

National policies, he emphasized should not be driven by only global economic conditions also by local factors.

Senator Mark told the crowded audience that the Nigerian Parliament is committed to this model of growth that is purposeful and has face, adding, ” We are vigorously encouraging all sector development, promoting indigenous knowledge and making our system more transparent”.

He assured that the Nigerian Parliament will continue to promote people centered development through good and representative governance, saying that “there is good governance only when there is rule of law”.


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