Many Killed As Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian Border Town

Militants suspected  to be  Boko Haram attacked  Damasak, a Nigerian border  town in Borno State on Monday ,according to  Reuters  .The report said the insurgents set  fire to houses and killed  yet to be determined number of people.

Residents of the town are believed to be fleeing to safe areas,a development that  will worsen the growing number of internally displaced persons since the insurgency started .

Recounting how the attack began ,Bukar Aji told Reuters, “The insurgents came at about 9.00 am and fired shots into houses to force people out. They are still there up till now and still firing shots. Many people may have died. I am talking to you now from the bush”

Musa Himma, a resident,  said some 15 people alone had drowned trying to swim to safety across a river.

A military source was quoted as having said ,”They came back today in large numbers, but our troops cannot curtail them”

Meanwhile ,Reuters  also noted that  in close to 100 people have been killed in various  attacks by the militants in the last one week in Borno state.

Insurgents have continued to launch attacks ,sacking villages and towns in the north east despite the emergency rule in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s attempt to secure another extension of the emergency rule appears stymied at the National Assembly.The Senate last week failed to  approve the extension.And an attempt Speaker Aminu Tambuwal to reconvene last Thursday  was marked by heavy police invasion of the National Assembly premises.

Senate President David Mark had to order the closure of the National Assembly  amid the  rain  of tear gass and commotion in the House Representatives.

As the politicians  bicker over what next step to take, Boko Haram insurgents keep launching attacks, killing innocent Nigerians  in the north east..