Makinde challenges Muslims to emulate Prophet Muhammed as new year begins

Gov. Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has urged Muslim faithful to emulate the patience and endurance virtues of Prophet Muhammed.

Prophet Muhammed exemplified the virtues when he migrated from Makkah to Madinah in 622 Year of the Common Era (CE), after enduring persecution from Makkah pagans.

The year, 622 CE marked the “Hijrah’’ or “Emigration,’’ and is also marked as the beginning of the Islamic calendar.

Congratulating the faithful for witnessing the first day of Muharram 1443 (the first month of the Islamic calendar), the governor charged the faithful to relive the significance of the occasion.

In a statement issued in Ibadan on Tuesday, his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Taiwo Adisa, quoted the governor as saying that Muslims in the state and beyond should rejoice and commemorate the day.

“Let us recall that the Islamic year began with the migration of Prophet Mohammed and his companions from Makkah to Medina in 622 CE after he was commanded by God to leave the city of Makkah.

“In Makkah, Prophet Muhammed and his adherents were persecuted, victimised and oppressed.

“Their only sin as alleged by pagans of Makkah at that time was their firm belief in the supremacy and oneness of God and their rejection of the worship of any deity other than God.

“Without the endurance and patience demonstrated by Prophet Muhammed only God knows what would have been the place of the Prophet today.

“So, the essence of that historic endeavour is to enable Muslims to know that after every period of difficulty comes relief and happiness.

“Muslins should continue to make supplications for our great state and for Nigeria, that God may give us relief after all the challenges we are faced with,’’ the governor was quoted as saying.

The governor further sought for the continued support and cooperation of Muslims and of all residents of the state.

He pledged that his administration would continue to make life more meaningful to all residents.

Gov. Makinde also reiterated the administration’s commitment to the on-going socio-economic transformation and infrastructural revolution in the state, Taiwo said in the statement. (NAN)