Mairo Mudi’s “Pot of Soup,” the Immersive Reader Experience and a Story in Two Generations

By Mohammad Dahiru Lawal

It is not everyday readers get the opportunity to experience a well crafted fictional work that strings them through an immersive reality of two generations and bring both to a point of meaningful convergence, but, with the portrayal of Kaka, cast in an ancient plot and Zubaida in a modern world, Mairo Mohammad Mudi’s latest book, “pot of soup,” have succeeded in serving this rarity to it’s target audience.

The work is a story that revolves around two women from different generations and background whose path crossed when they least expected, with one being an old wise woman living a lonely, bitter and painful past and the other being a young mother of two looking for an escape route whose encounter with each other unravelled the twist in their different stories and they both became a source of light and solutions to each others plight.

This mix brings ones attention back to the book’s carefully thought out title and it’s hidden meaning which can literarily translate into the fact that life is like a pot of soup because the ingredients one uses in the mix of life can either make it delicious or unsavory.

The writers narrative style and vividly descriptive efforts in passing the message of the book makes it a treasurable read that goes beyond abstraction.

The books fundamental core addresses the fact that our experiences in life are sometimes a result of our actions or inaction, that Communication is a powerful tool to forge successful relationships especially in the marriage institution, that obedience to parents is golden and that taking corrective measures in life is fundamental to our progress.

The 177 page, 14 Chapters book published by Gidan Dabino Publishers makes readers realize, after an eventful read that facing one’s problem head on, is better than running away from it.

It tries to convey the message that as people, we are neither flawless nor immune from life’s challenges but despite these challenges, we are always left with two choices; face it and resolve it or run away from it and be a prisoner forever.

Mohammad Dahiru Lawal an Award winning Campus Journalist of the Year 2020 is the Convener and Managing Editor of Arewa Agenda for Sustainable Development.