Main One, 380 specialists in African telecomms converge in Dar es Salaam

Main One Cable Company, West Africa’s leading communications services company and the first private submarine cable system to land in Nigeria and Ghana, will on September 13th and 14th, 2012, join over 380 decision-makers from 140 different carriers and service providers to discuss the future of wholesale communications in Africa at the annual “Capacity Africa” event holding at the Hyatt Regency, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Main One Cable is an associate sponsor of this event.

Speaking ahead of the event, which is now in its sixth year, Ms. Opeke, who will be speaking on the theme: “Successful Operator Strategies in more Advanced Markets” said that the conference would provide vital perspectives into enhancing broadband capacity in West Africa: “At Main One, we have consistently championed the development of quality broadband products, at competitive prices, as we believe that this remains the fulcrum of the drive to increase broadband penetration in Nigeria, and indeed all of West Africa. We believe that our input at the Capacity Africa conference will contribute to accelerating the adoption of broadband across the developing countries of Africa, and thus aid economic development.”

Capacity Africa 2012 is also an avenue for Main One to showcase its broadband network to investors and potential partners from different parts of the world. According to her, with 1.92Tbps in submarine capacity, Main One is capable of effectively servicing the connectivity requirements of West Africa.

In another development, Main One recently announced that it has connected to the London Internet Exchange Point (LINX), one of the largest internet exchange points in the world with over 430 members from more than 50 countries worldwide. Connection to the LINX provides Main One with reliable exchange of Internet traffic with improved routing control and performance. For businesses connected to the Main One network, this translates to faster response times to most popular sites. Main One is the first West African Carrier to join the LINX.

Achieving pioneer status as the first West African Carrier to connect directly to the LINX is further evidence of Main One’s dedication to innovation to improve customers’ broadband experience on our network.”