MAD asks IGP to arrest man for conspiracy to rape, murder Uwa

A human rights and good governance advocacy group – Make A Difference (MAD) has called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) declare a young man, (name withheld) wanted involvement in the gang rape and murder of an undergraduate of University of Benin, Miss Vera Uwaila Omozuwa.

In an electronic statement issued by the Communication and Advocacy Director of MAD, Lemmy Ughegbe, the initiative said “by own free will statement on Facebook page, (the man) has admitted knowing fully about the acts that led Miss Vera Uwaila Omozuwa being raped and killed.”

In reaction a news report on Miss Omozuwa’s gruesome , (the man) posted on Facebook thus: “Good her. Why will she be dating two room mates the same time?”

Following abuse and condemnation by other Facebook users .. the said statement, he(the man) pulled down the post and deactivated the account.

However, the Communication and Advocacy Director of Make A Difference Initiative has argued that “(His) statement disclosed prima facie evidence, warranting the police high command to arrest him and investigate him for complicity in the gang rape and murder of Miss Omozuwa.”

“There should be no distinction between an apologist of the rapist and the rapist proper. At worst the apologist is an enabler of violence and ought to be arrested, investigated and if be, prosecuted for accessory before the fact of and conspiracy to commit murder”, Ughegbe stated.

“(The man) is vital to this investigation and must be smoked out of his hiding place to help with police investigation”, he added.

He noted how the Inspector General of Police had treated with levity cases of other violence acts and rape and called on him to turn a new leaf.

Specifically, the group recalled the of the Police Chief to declare (another suspect) wanted for conspiring with his father to serially rape and sodomise Elizabeth Ochanya Ogbanje for five years until she died at age 13, owing to health complication as a result of years of violation.

The alleged rapist has been on the run from the law for nearly two years following the death of Ochanya.

The man on the run was initially charged alongside his father, for rape and culpable homicide. But the charge was severed following his disappearance to the trial of his father proceed.

The initiative urged the police chief to show that he fully supports efforts to create a environment for children and other vulnerable members of the society by leaving no stone unturned in bringing the culprits to book..