Lockdown: CITAD advises Kano govt on stricter measures

The Centre Information Technology and Development, CITAD, on Sunday advised state government to introduce stricter measures, compliance with the restriction order, to curtail the spread of coronavirus, #COVID19 in the state.

The advise is coming, especially following one confirmed of the virus, announced by the Nigeria Centre Disease Control, NCDC, on .

A statement by Ali Sabo, Campaigns and Communications Officer of the Centre, issued on Sunday recalled that in spite of the state government’s closure of its borders with other states, denied people entry and exit in and out of the state and asked its workers to stay at home fourteen days, on March 23rd, the order had not been followed.

CITAD further recalled that in spite of the state government’s order that all social gathering, including cinemas, viewing centers, and joints in the state be suspended until further notice, the same order was flawed.

According to , a report from its assessment of compliance showed that all orders were flawed by citizens, in connivance with security operatives.

“Therefore, the Centre called on the authorities to take tougher majors in containing the spread of the virus in the state, looking at quickly the virus was spreading in the country.

“CITAD highlighted travelers with the connivance of the security agencies are defying the directives given by the state government to stop all inter states movements at those borders which made the state to be at risk of importing the virus by those coming from other states.

“To prove that cross border movements is still ongoing in the state, on the 11th of April, 2020 the state first covid-19 .

“The patient is confirmed to be a retired technocrat who returned to the state from Lagos. 

is on this note that are calling on the state government to as a matter of urgency and of public to:

Direct the closure of all markets in the state as they are places where social distancing cannot apply and traders pay no hid o and preventive measures.

All religious gatherings including Friday prayers and church services to be suspended with immediate effect.

Re- border closure and ensure total compliance.

The State Anti-Corruption Agency to deploy its staff to the borders to security personnel from sabotaging the efforts of government by collecting bribes and allowing motorists to enter the state.

There is need to investigate the index crossed the closed border into and that all found to played a role in this should be punished accordingly,” the statement read.