Lobi Fans Wanted Club Relegated

Fans Lobi Stars Makurdi have expressed displeasure over the club’ survival relegation, claiming that they had wanted the team to go on relegation in order to save them from the alleged excessiveness of Dominic Iorfa, the vice chairman.
Lobi waited until the last game the 2012-13 season played at the Chief Emmanuel Akume Aton go Stadium, Katsina-Ala on Sunday before it escaped relegation.
, instead Lobi fans being with the club’ survival relegation, they are rueing in anguish the prospect another season Iorfa’ .
Terngu Ajembe, a fan, who spoke to Newsdiaryonline Sports on Monday in Makurdi, said Sunday was a bad day for players and fans of Lobi Stars because, most of them had prayed fervently that the club is relegated so that the government would be forced to step in and address the plight of the players and the technical crew members who have always been like half cast by their boss.
“Bros, we are hardly disappointed that Lobi survived relegation this season. A lot of things happening in this club would have be addressed had the club been relegated, now that they survived, the lies, hard headedness of the club vice- chairman would be covered up for another season,” he said.
However, Newsdiaryonline Sports gathered from an informed source that Iorfa is the sole administrator of the club and for that reason, he had made life unbearable to most players and backroom staff. The source claimed that players were quite often gripped “matches with fears and trembling.”
When contacted ,Iorfa lambasted some of the sports journalists who were at Katsina-Ala to cover the match, saying that they came to report his club relegation.
“I won’t talk to any of you, because you have come to cover my relegation. Some of you have covered my match before and you are here today to cover my down fall,” he said.

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