Let the youths express themselves, Egypt’s El-Sisi urges world leaders

By Tina George, reporting from Egypt

The President of Egypt, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, on Monday charged global leaders to stop suppressing the opinion of their youths and give them the opportunity to express themselves.

The President opined that by so doing they will not be used as tools to propagate violence and hatred.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the World Youth Forum in Egypt, El-Sisi urged leaders to allow the youths to take the front burner of their administration, as they are the catalysts for the catalyst for construction and development.

He added that it is only when the youths are engaged actively that nations and countries can move forward.

 “I want to send a message to the leaders of the world in their entirety, please listen to your youths, engage with them, share their dreams and aspirations and give them the opportunity to express themselves.

“As Leaders, soar in their skies, make the youths people who take the floor and take the first steps, not followers. Believe in them, do not leave them prey to those who feed on their aspirations and use them as tools to spread hatred and violence. Fill their hearts with aspirations and endless support.”

El-Sisi affirmed his belief, stating that the youths remained the partners of the present and they are the light of the future.

“Their ambitions have no ceiling, there are no boundaries for their dreams and maybe the experience of the World Youth Forum is the best proof to the fact that youths can turn dreams into a tangible reality that goes beyond all what is possible.”

He appreciated the youths who had come from around the world to attend the World Youth Forum, adding that the Forum is becoming an international discourse on finding solutions to problems bedeviling the world.

“I thank everyone who has contributed to making the event a success. I thank the youth of the world who believed in the idea and answered the invitation of their Egyptian counterparts so that they will sit together, discuss topics and exchange ideas regarding challenges facing the world, filled with conflicts and wars, seeking the realistic solutions to change such dark way towards a better future, a better world where there are the values of peaceful co-existence, peace, tolerance and acceptance of each other.

“I am pleased with hearing the discussions from youths all over the world; I have learned from them and in being impacted by them. I am always impressed by such a level of capability in expressing their views and ideas and their ability to achieving and pursuing their dreams.”

The President then pledged that all recommendations made as a result of the World Youth Forum, would be worked upon and implemented.